Trend Change in Play - for Several Markets?

the Evidence & How to Respond
by Joining Us for a Live Webinar
Tuesday, November 13 at 4:00pm Eastern U.S.


This is a reminder regarding a timely and important update I will be presenting tomorrow around the topics of trend changes, divergences and multi-decade opportunities I believe are in play.

The chart below is yet another example of the divergence taking place with key leading indicators and the S&P 500.   These patterns suggest markets are right at an inflection point of a rally or another significant leg down.

click chart to enlarge

I invite you to attend our webinar tomorrow where I will highlight the markets and patterns at key potential turning points, and how to take advantage.

As a reminder, I'm not a bull or bear.  I follow price and pattern to guide my decision-making and see the recent market sell-off providing important messages & opportunities to capitalize.

You will come out it informed and confident on your next step

Some questions we will address on a webinar Tuesday, Nov 13
Is there a real and lasting change in trend change taking place?
What are the critical support levels?
Which markets have broken these levels?
Which markets are holding?

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If you cannot attend live we encourage you to listen to the recording soon after.


I look forward to seeing you there.

Chris Kimble

Kimble Charting Solutions
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