United Rentals (URI)
I am honored by your continued interest in my research and wish you a truly prosperous 2018.  

Periodically I want to share examples of patterns I look to identify for our member subscribers, including those I suggested to take action on in the past.

Back in September 2017, we shared a breakout taking place in United Rentals (URI), 
URI was also on our select list of seasonally strong stocks that we monitor for "relative strength" opportunities versus buying an equity index.

Suggested members buy United Rentals (URI)  9/28/17
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Relative Strength of URI vs. S&P 500
URI has continued to outpace the S&P 500 since!
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My commitment is to Identify high probability patterns for you on a daily basis in indices, sectors, commodities, the metals & select individual stocks.  Your role is to choose the opportunities that be meet your needs and investment or trading style and objectives.

If you would like to stay current with these opportunities, test any of my research for 30 days where we offer a 100% money back if you find the research does not meet your needs and cancel during that time.   

Below is a description of our most popular research package with our members.

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Chris Kimble

Kimble Charting Solutions

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