Applying the "POWER OF THE PATTERN" to Synopsys (SNPS)

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Below is an example of applying the
Power of the Pattern to Synopsys (SNPS)

The purpose is to share how we combine pattern analysis and assets with relative strength to provide members with high probability opportunities.

3 reasons we suggested a purchase of Synopsys (SNPS) on August 14

1.  Attempting a breakout from a weekly Bullish Ascending Triangle pattern
    • the pattern is the most important of all factor in my research.
2.  Seasonally strong average gains of over 7% in August
3.  Relative strength opportunity over owning a broad index

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Managing Risk and Protecting Gains

Synopsys broke out the ascending pattern convincingly over the next few weeks. 
During that time we took some profits and moved up stops to protect gains.

Relative Strength of SNPS over S&P 500

Below shares how SNPS performed at a recent peak over the S&P 500
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Harris Corp (HRS) was a prior similar pattern I originally shared with you back in September. The stock has since advanced another 500 basis points.

No, not all positions work out as we hope but we manage risk and keep stops tight from initial purchase, with losses rarely exceeding 5%.

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