Applying the "POWER OF THE PATTERN" to Citigroup (C)

I am honored by your continued interest in my research.   

Below is an example of applying the
Power of the Pattern to Citigroup (C) that I suggested our members take action and buy back in early June.

The purpose is to share how we combine pattern analysis and relative strength to provide members with high probability opportunities.

We suggested a purchase of Citigroup (C) on June 8, 2017

Citi got crushed in the financial crisis, still far from even its 23% retracement ratio of the crash (not shown on chart)

Monthly chart on the left shows a potential bullish ascending triangle at (1), with an attempted breakout taking place at (2)

Note: we originally purchased financials XLF back in August of 2016.  

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Below shows the relative strength of Citigroup over SPX since the purchase on 6/8/17
As you well know not all patterns will play out as desired but we limit losses with tight stops and actively capture gains and move up stops on winning positions
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If you have wondered why I include limited commentary on my charts,  it is because I truly believe charts reflect all the news, opinions and what investors believe about any asset based on the pattern.

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